3 Days Calender Of Losing Weight

How To Lose More Than 3kg in less than 7 Days?

Ever wondered how it is possible to actually lose more than 3kg? We've made it even more of a challenge, to lose 3kg... in 7 DAYS!? I'm sure you're thinking, is that even possible? What do I have to do? Where do I start? 

I'm here to tell you the EXACT best possible ways that you can try out yourself! More importantly, I'm your weight-loss partner today, we are going to get great results together. I'm excited and I hope you are too!

Trust me when I say this; it is easy. And I want you to start easy, I want you to feel confident, relaxed and feel easy while you go through your personal weight loss journey.

Don't worry, I'm with you, I've been in your shoes and from my experience I want you to know & learn from my mistakes. I've been through it made many mistakes, and if you do laugh at my mistakes so be it. Actually.. I do want you to laugh at my mistakes, Why? So you could avoid making those mistakes yourself and reach your goals faster and possibly better than I have! 

Amazing right? I'm pumped and personally, I want you to be the best version of yourselves using our Trudolly products. Now, enough of me blabbing about, let's dive right into it and take a look at the steps we have prepared specially for you!

First Step To Losing 3kg in 7 Days

For the First step and honestly our most important step would be using Trufitz Double Shots!

What do I have to do?
✅ Taking 1 sachet of Trufitz Double Shot on an empty stomach daily. 

When is the best time for me to consume Trufitz Double Shot?
✅ We recommend that you consume 30 mins before your breakfast or the first meal of the day. (Works best early in the morning!) 

Now, you have been doing this correct? I'll assume, which is always dangerous but I'll assume that you are, and IF for some reason you aren't, I know that you are already planning to do it on the next breakfast. That already makes you an awesome coach yourself! Good gracious I'm excited for you!

I know you're getting excited now, it is pretty much really easy, I hope that takes some of the pressure off. Let's not stop there and keep going! 

Second Step To Losing 3kg in 7 Days

Secondly, Our best recommendation: Trushakes Diet Support Chocolate Flavoured Madness! 

I have it, but how do I consume them?
✅ The best way to have it going will be to replace your breakfast OR dinner with Trushakes! 

How many sachets do I consume if I'm replacing my whole meal? 
✅ Amazingly, only 1! That's right, you only need 1 Trushakes sachet and it would be sufficient for you. Try it out yourself and let us know on how it has been going for you. 

So you have been religiously, sticking to our recommendations for consuming 1 sachet of Trufitz Double Shot after breakfast and 1 sachet of Trushakes as meal replacements daily. Now we have to get this rolling with our last step! 

Third Step To Losing 3kg in 7 Days

The final step to this 3 step weight loss is the help of our Detox-ing Trudolly Super Fat Burning Lemon Gummies. Let our Gummies do the work for you, Yummy! 

How should I consume them? 
✅ It's SUPER simple - Just chew on 1-2 gummies right before you go to sleep! 

What flavoured gummies are there available? 
✅ Choose from either our Strawberry Gummies (With Green Apple Acerolla Cherry) OR Lemon Gummies (With Green Tea and Spirulina). 

What is the difference between Strawberry Gummies and Lemon Gummies?

Trudolly Lemon Flush Gummies
✅ Burns Fat
✅ Detox & Flushes Out Toxin 
✅ Block Fats Formation
✅ Lose Weight
*Best Recommended to chew 1-2 gummies before your heavy meal! 

Trudolly Strawberry Glow Gummies
✅ Brighter Skin
✅ Gives Dewy & Glowy Skin
✅ Treats Acne
*Best Recommended to chew 1-2 gummies in the morning!

Now, you've got it, our secret recipe of success. Right here right now, all you have to do is prove it to yourself.

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Drop by to see Our Beautyfyxed Transformation! I can't wait to hear from you and you success story, I sincerely hope you to see your Beautyfyxed! ;)

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