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JAW Whitening Drip Capsule 2.0

JAW Whitening Drip Capsule 2.0

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JAW 2.0
(NEW!) 2.0 JAW WHITE EGG a whitening capsule - Improved formula ✅ PERMANENT WHITENING 1 WHOLE BODY ✅

Jaw White Egg is a whitening supplement formulated from Japan which is converted from a whitening drip. It is the first injection treatment, converted into capsule form formally known as "whitening drip/glutathione drip".

It works on all types of skin without any side effects.
The result can be seen as early as the two capsule.
It eliminates skin problems such as acne, scars, oily skin and uneven skin tone.

❌No more injection/drip
❌Don't have to consume everyday

BENEFITS of JAW Whitening:
✅ Brighter skin tone as early as 3 days
✅ Same effect as whitening drip/vitamin c injection
✅ Gives you GLOWING skin
✅ Treats acne & pimples problem, clear your skin away
✅ Lighten the dark spots
✅ Reduces face pores

Suitable for:
- Male & female 16 years old & above
- Breastfeeding mummies above 6 months old
- Gastric, diabetic, hpb, cholesterol patients can take
- Do leave 2 hours gap in between if you are taking other supplements 
-Pregnant women cannot consume

Directions/How to consume: 1 Tablet every 2 days ONLY
(Detox your body 3 days before you consume JAW only before do not detox during the consumption of JAW) 

Tips: ❌ Avoid caffeine, seafood, coconut water when you consume jaw for best results

Quantity: 20 Capsules for 40 days 💯

Our product is 100% original from JAW HQ
FREE 3 days detox tea for full bottle JAW only, trial no free detox.



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