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TruShine | Most effective Whitening Supplement

TruShine | Most effective Whitening Supplement

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TruShine by Trudolly
Brighter Skin Tone in just 4 Days!

TruShine is an Orange flavoured skin whitening beauty drink. TruShine boasts of including Hithion and Beauty-Oligo food compounds to provide internal restoration to help you achieve up to 5x brighter, soft and glowing complexion.

Our unique formula helps sustain the results longer than other skin whitening products since it also protects your skin from harmful elements and improves moisture retention.

Benefits of TruShine:
✅ Achieve glowing, radiant skin in just 1 week!
✅ Boost your skin's immunity
✅ Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
✅ Fades your acne scars
✅ Prevents collagen loss
✅ Internal detox and rejuvenation through a mix of healthy ingredients for the skin and body such as Hithion, Vitamin C, Beauty Oligo, Tomesoral, and Acerola cherry

Who can consume TruShine?
👍🏻 Men & Women above 16 years old
👍🏻 Diabetic, high blood pressure can consume

👎🏻 Pregnant women cannot consume
👎🏻 Breastfeeding women can consume after 6 months.

Direction: Take 2 scoops of TruShine and mix in 100ml of water in the morning.
If you are consuming other products, consume TruShine any other time of the day its fine.

1 tub of TruShine can last up to 3 weeks.
TruShine contains 250gram.



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Tisha S.

My face was hydrated n I received compliments