Updated With Beautyfyxed's Theme

Have you notice the change in our theme?

Have you notice the change in our theme?

Hi Beautiful People!

So, Beautyfyxed have been having a strong support from you awesome people so with such efforts, we are able to revamp our website and make it more exciting

Babe, BIG Changes!

I was wondering if you had noticed these Big CHANGES in our outlook? 😉

After such a busy and hectic couple of years, we have received tons of reviews of amazing transformations from all our Beautiful Ladies from our Community!

YES, we’re talking about YOU! 😊

For those, who are actually new here, you might want to take a look at the snippets of our Old Theme.

Old Theme For Beautyfyxed

We actually gave a huge revamp to the backend for Beautyfyxed as we wanted to provide you people with better and efficient way of tracking.


  • Better Tracking System
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Enhance Chat Widget
  • Product Recommendation
  • Your Recently Viewed Items
  • Our NEW Review For Reward System 

We wanted to provide you with the best experience and would not be possible for your awesome support to make it happen.

Our mission, to unlock confidence in ladies through solutions that will reveal their beauty as an individual.

We’ve added a bunch of different features as well as, you’ve guessed it, we have a fresh NEW Logo!  But we didn’t just stop there…


Beautyfyxed Logo


As we unlock your confidence, we are also unlocking ours! Hehe 😊

We want the BEST for you so we have SPECIALLY curated to suite your needs.

Rest assured that our products are based only on natural sources and SAFE for consumption!


Beautyfxed's Trust Badges

We know you are super excited now, as are we!

Thus, we have partnered with our main delivery service to provide you with Express Delivery to get you your orders within 2 working days.

Fret not, as your packages will be handled with the utmost care in the safe hands of our delivery team!


Beautyfyxed Messenger Chat Widget

Our Finest Addition!

You might have come across our recent widget within our website. Some of you might have even had a chance to look play around, chat, and even purchase our products from it! So, what is it?

Let me introduce you to our 24/7 customer service from our Facebook Messenger Platform!

As we progress forward, we understand that our customer needs come first, thus we are making it even easier for you to contact us.


You might even get some FREEBIES from our Messenger, so don’t say we didn’t tell you. 😉

So what are your thoughts for our new layout?
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